Completing Clear-iT and Create-iT results in more clarity around your goals, inspiration to take action and new ways of seeing your life. Keep your momentum with one-on-one private coaching.

Coaching Sessions

Her calmness and accepting manner made it very easy for me to be heard and sessions with her provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me move towards the positive changes I wanted to make in my life. Looking at my life holistically, rather than focusing on the turmoil of the moment, and instead focus on the things I wanted in my life was very beneficial." ​​M.D.

If you’ve previously worked with Elizabeth through Clear-iT or Create-iT and would like more support as you build on the progress and success of your initial work, sessions can be booked whenever you need – either as a one-off, or in succession to match the pace of your vision.

You may also wish to book these private sessions before engaging in either Clear-iT or Create-iT to address your immediate needs and to get a feel for the work. Choosing what feels right for you and then modifying your specific needs from there is an effective way to go as well.

1 Session

$200 CAD

3 Sessions

$600 CAD

6 Sessions

$900 CAD

"Elizabeth has enabled me to transform
my life and I will be forever grateful."

One-on-One Custom Coaching

Many clients choose to continue to benefit from the guidance and support that Elizabeth provides with her private coaching, but aren't sure exactly how much is needed or for how long. Using the contact form below to schedule a brief call, from there Elizabeth will create a customized coaching plan for your specific needs with a quote and timeline that works with your lifestyle.