Elizabeth Hurst
EIT Coach

The desire to move away from old patterns and embrace a more fulfilling

life, and learning what my clients were seeking, inspired me to develop my own methods. Facing my fears, learning from my mistakes, and continually choosing a path that aligned with me has been an awesome journey. I am grateful for the process and the teachers that have helped me along the way. I am most grateful for my clients, for without them, my own evolution as well as the evolution of my practice, would not have been possible.

My transformational journey began when I realized that the corporate career I was living was not supporting me in the ways I wanted and that I was not living my best life. Discovering what aligned with me and what brought fulfilment helped to define my true purpose. Cultivating the skills and gaining the experience to successfully coach others to follow the vision of their authentic self is a blessing.
With gratitude for my clients, my teachers, and my own journey I offer you EIT© .

E I T© Emotional Intelligence Techniques

As a result of working with clients for the past 20+ years as well as my own journey, I created the Clear-iT & Create-iT techniques. If you're looking to clear something that no longer serves you or create something that does, these techniques are easy, down-to-earth, and very effective.

EIT©  , Emotional Intelligence Techniques is the blueprint for successfully changing old habits and beliefs into ones that fully support the vision my clients have for themselves. These processes help clients to move beyond fears, get unstuck, and create their envisioned future in a manner that is successful and long-lasting.

I serve my clients going through the process of transformation with insight, encouragement, and accountability. You will feel seen, heard, supported and fully equipped to move into your envisioned life.