"You have changed my life more than
words can say!

When I first began seeing Elizabeth I felt bogged down with negativity as I was holding onto old thought patterns and beliefs. Caring for others too much and not looking after my own needs was beginning to impact my health and well-being. With Elizabeth’s support, I learned to let go of what I no longer needed, turn my negative thoughts into thoughts that served me, and change my life for the better." M.L.

"Elizabeth’s work with healing energy
is truly unique​.

She helped me to open and trust my inner voice - a doorway to the realization of my own personal potential. Working with her on developing and integrating intentions in my life, has led me away from negative patterns toward wonderful and desired growth." G.M.

"Elizabeth has enabled me to transform my life and
I will be forever grateful.

Her calmness and accepting manner made it very easy for me to be heard and EIT sessions with her provided lots of positive reinforcement and a framework to help me move towards the positive changes I wanted to make in my life. Looking at my life holistically, rather than focusing on the turmoil of the moment, and instead focus on the things I wanted in my life was very beneficial." M.D.

"Practicing EIT with Elizabeth
is transformational.

Through the process of working with Elizabeth, the energy in my fears and worries was flipped into positive grounded aspirations. So much joy and love is available to me now in areas of my life that felt heavy and hard." M.C.

"Elizabeth is truly gifted and wonderful
to work with.

She is a powerful coach who offers intuitive and insightful guidance while creating the perfect space for clearing and healing! I always felt safe and supported through the process and the positive changes that resulted were so affirming." M.G.

"Elizabeth has a real gift and a
concise method.

I took the EIT while I was looking for a new job. The Create-it program helped me to get clear about what I really wanted. By applying the techniques I was able to see what mattered most to me and why. Upon completing the program I was presented with two job offers. The job I ended up choosing turned out to be exactly as I had envisioned it. Elizabeth has a real gift and a concise method that taught me how to tap into my power to create my life." D. J.

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