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Balancing The Energy In Your Home Is As Important As Balancing Your Personal Energy

Think Of Elizabeth As Your House Therapist

If you’re feeling like your environment doesn’t match the vision you have for your life, home energy staging can have a profound impact on supporting the lifestyle that you want to enjoy. Elizabeth uses a variety of powerful energy-work techniques to enhance and bring energetic balance to living spaces, attuned to the specific needs of the individual. Here are just a few examples of how spaces can be adjusted to your goals.


Consider staging for energy that nourishes, welcomes and supports everyday life. As the heart of the home, balancing the flow in the kitchen will be felt positively throughout your overall space and will be reflected in your own energy.


Consider staging for energy that supports rest, relaxation, health and well-being. The goal is to create a space with few distractions where you can completely release the stresses of the day and become rejuvenated and replenished on all levels.

Home Office

Consider staging for energy that enhances productivity, inspiration and insight. This can be especially helpful for those looking to enhance their creativity, career or business.

Past Work

Beyond Curb Appeal

"When my husband and I listed our home the first year we had many viewings but received no offers. The next year we worked with a new realtor who brought in Elizabeth to help us stage our home. We feel fortunate to have met Elizabeth as she contributed greatly to the successful sale of our home. She also provided great insight on how to attract positive energy and put it to work in our favour." T&M

1 Staging Session

For Realtors and home owners wanting to sell a home

Getting your home ready to sell can be a huge task especially if you're not sure what to do. Presenting your home with the right look and feel for perspective buyers is an art.

Depending on the scope of the work, you will be provided with very specific recommendations that you can easily complete on your own.

Should the project require more time, you can continue on an hourly basis, to prepare your home for a successful showing to perspective buyers.

Conducted In Person Or Online

$600 CAD

2 Staging Sessions

Looking to enhance the look and feel of your home?

If you feel like the energy is stuck in your home this will help clear the way so that your environment feels more positive and supports you in moving in the direction you're desiring.

This process is focused on clearing negative energy and attracting positive energy into your home. It will also enhance the look and feel of your home.

We will walk through these areas and recommendations are made based on our discoveries.  I will also provide you with very specific recommendations that you can easily complete on your own. Depending on the scope of the work the second session is a review of progress made and how to proceed from there.

Conducted In-Person Or Online

$1000 CAD

Customized Staging

Looking for something more specific - let's chat!

Consultation call  – This call will assess your needs most apparent in your current living arrangement and how well it aligns with your lifestyle and goals. After this call you will be provided with a quote and an outline of the scope of work.

Depending on your requirements we will work together in such a way that suits your schedule, budget, personal needs and wants.

In order to reach the very best results I bring my expertise in a focused manner. Together we will optimize your space, enhance the energy flow and achieve your desired results.

Conducted In-Person Or Online

$600 CAD
$1000 CAD
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