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We are being given the perfect opportunity, given current world events, to take charge of our response to these events. EIT, Emotional Intelligence Techniques will help you to take charge of negative thoughts that are keeping you fearful and stuck.

In these Private Online Zoom Group Sessions, Elizabeth will provide you with the structure and support to apply and practice the EIT Clear-iT technique. Experience for yourself how to transform negative thoughts into a mindset that serves you and makes you actually feel hopeful and positive about the present and the future!

"A truly transformational experience!" 

Learn EIT In A Private Group Setting

Emotional intelligence means taking care of our emotional well being by rewriting the scripts that control our mindset. Negative thoughts and emotions can contribute to suffering in our lives. We can change the scripts to ones that support healthy, clear, successful lives. Emotional Intelligence Techniques are simple life hacks that can help us to uninstall the old software
and install new programming that moves us forward in a positive way.

Start your EIT journey in a secure and safe group setting. Lead by Elizabeth these group sessions will allow you
to experience an introduction to EIT while clearing your mindset.

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